About Me

About Me

The love of my life Ella.


My name is Daniel Faber Threms, I’m 40+ and has spent many years of spare time on sailing.

First in Optimist, later in Lazer. After Lazer there had to go over 15 years before i got a boat of my own, and the first was a delicious Chriscraft 267 from 1992. It was a killing petrol and was very expensive to sail.

Throughout my childhood, I also sailed a lot in my father's boat. First a small wooden boat, later in a saga 27 from 1975, which he still has today.

That is why it was replaced with a Dufour 33 from 2003 as I bought from new. Unfortunately, the dealer of the boat was not as professional, as Dufour was not the best quality, so after a couple of years with lots of problems, I sold it with a big loss. Stop having a boat, I thought.

However, it did not take long, I had to get back on the water again. So I bought a trailer boat, a Mac Gregor 26M. Nice little boat. Not the best for sail, nor motor. Nevertheless, cheap in operation and with plenty of space. It went well for 3 years.

I was also teaching at the local sailing club's school for a couple of years. A great way to meet sailors and sharpen your own skills. I have a certificate of proficiency in sailing (day skipper) and therefore do not have much in my sailing book.

Then we got children,,, ,

Now they have grown up and it's time to get back to sailing. Both big boys (8 and 5 years old) have an optimist. However, since we do go naturally to the seaport, they are not used a lot. This must be changed. We also have a girl at the age of 2.

The plan is to circumnavigate , all the way around ;-) If it's going to be with or without wife and children, I don't know time must show .

I am not a rich man, I have worked with unions most of my life, so it will be low budget.

Nevertheless, I can promise it will be an exciting journey, so come and join.

In Danish, I'm dyslexic. It is not to a great extent, but it will certainly be seen in my texts sometimes. I apologize for this in advance. Is it completely incomprehensible, then write to me and I will correct. Tanks in avance.

Daniel Faber Threms



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